ATTENTION LADIES: Your body is BEAUTIFUL, CAPABLE, STRONG and RESILIENT. It’s capable of  moving three and four times your body weight, it’s capable of growing another human being and it’s capable of feeling incredible to live in. 


But the sad, ugly TRUTH about the world we live in and what we’ve come to believe about ourselves is that our self worth is determined by the numbers on the SCALE and in our CLOTHING and how we measure up against other women.


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Get ready, because in this program you’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder and create new habits for life-long results.


How would you like to…


Get lean and sexy, without counting calories or weighing food
Be strong and vibrant, without painstakingly long workouts at the gym
Increase energy and performance, both physically and mentally
Age youthfully and gracefully, with the ability to accomplish a given task at any time
Uncover old habits keeping you from toning up and shedding fat 
 Create new habits to reshape your body and reclaim your life
 Get daily full-body workouts for home and the gym
 Get my exclusive food list and meal guide, to make shopping and prepping easy
 Center, focus and re-charge with weekly guided meditations
Get weekly live group-coaching calls
 Get access to our mindset book club, with optional homework assignments
 Get access to our private FB page, for accountability and support
 Get instant access to Lauren via text, for continuous support









I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren at the 2014 Radiance Retreat and her energy is just fabulous. She helps women empower themselves through strength and has a passion for helping others improve that is almost palpable. From her extensive education to her radiant smile, Lauren is a positive force in the fitness industry and is just an absolute joy to work with!

Neghar Fonooni

RKC II Certified Fitness Trainer, Eat, Lift & Be Happy

I absolutely love PBC! I have been working out there personally for almost two years now, and every workout gets better! As a chiropractor, I love and appreciate Lauren and Gaby’s attention to our form, the fact that they pay attention to posture, and are always looking for ways to stimulate our nervous systems! Not to mention they’re the sweetest, and they rock some great music! Every week when we lift I realize how much stronger I’ve gotten, and can’t wait to see where my strength and health go next! Thank you for all that you do for us!”

Dr. Adana Moses

Chiropractor, Innate Family Chiropractic

Yep, I’m addicted. Who knew that 3 months ago when I bought a deal for 10 classes that it would change my life?! Lauren (the owner and one of the trainers) and Gaby (the other trainer) are two of the most knowledgeable and supportive women I’ve ever worked with. The sense of community in class, with other women cheering you on, is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced! Being a full member gives you access to life coaching, nutritional guidance and strength training you didn’t even know you were capable of! I love it!

Danielle Henning

You Are Always Right

I have to be honest right now. I filled my plate up far too much the last few weeks, I got distracted, overwhelmed, I became envious and ungrateful. I look back and part of me thinks, “What the hell just happened? Who are you?” and then I remember a lesson... read more

Walking A Steer

You: What did you do this weekend? Me: I walked a steer. Wha? I did, I did! My friend/client’s son does 4H, which is a livestock project youth do to learn responsibility, care for animals and earn money and prizes. The livestock is auctioned off at a county fair and... read more

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